Have you ever attended a pity party?  Better question, have you ever hosted one?   Do you need to plan for it to specifically rain on that whole day, or just the hours of the party?  Have you gotten media attention by hosting a facebook event for your party, or do you have a designated pity party planner who gets the ball rolling?  Do you single out your target market to attend your pity party or is it an open invitation event?

When you feel that you may attend someone's pity party, or are thinking of hosting one, please remember that there are only so many hours in a day. Make each of those hours mean something.  Have a look around and just ask yourself how you can make this a better situation.  By that, I mean, what is your 'role'.  How can what you do impact things to make them better?  It's a good question to ask.  Have a little think about it.

There are some great oils by Young Living to help you while you ponder.  I would start with Acceptance oil.  Forgiveness oil is the next that I like to apply.  If you need a drop of Release oil over the liver, then by all means, give yourself one.  

Smile, breathe and make it a good day.  It's your choice, choose the joy today.


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